'Monolation,' California Time Lapse Video, Shows Off The Golden State's Most Breathtaking Views

02/06/2013 03:05 pm ET

Fact: California is pretty.

Everyone knows this; the state's natural beauty isn't exactly a secret. However, sometimes the sheer breadth of the Golden State's gorgeous wilderness is easy to take for granted--which is precisely why videos like "Monolation" from filmmaker Jess Dunlap force us to take pause.

Created over the course of 2102 and stitched together from 17,000 individual photographs, Dunlap's time-lapse video provides a window into some of California's most awe-inspiring vistas in places like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake and Simi Valley.

Equally as eye-catching as the scenery itself is the way the video breaks standard conventions about time-lapse video with the camera's fluid movement throughout each individual shot. Dunlap used a camera mounted on a rail that allowed it to move as it was taking hundreds of photographs.

In a Reddit post on video, one commenter put it best, writing, "brb moving to California."

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