Nate Berkus got real with Oprah Winfrey on "Super Soul Sunday: The Things That Matter" -- and we mean real.

The beloved interior designer chatted with Winfrey about everything from revealing his sexuality to his parents to the struggles of starting his own design business at 23 years old.

He also talked candidly about the cancellation of “The Nate Berkus Show” and how he was “enormously relieved” when it all came to an end. Berkus confessed that he knew two weeks into the development that the home design show wasn’t going to work. And we learned Winfrey had even tried to discourage Berkus from doing the show five days a week, but Berkus didn’t listen. “I’m ambitious and felt it was an opportunity of a lifetime,” he said.

But not having enough space and time to do what he really wanted on the show led him to feel overwhelmed and generally unhappy with the program. “I felt exhausted, I gained 20 pounds, I felt unhealthy. I felt there was no way I could do a good job.”

He then confessed he should have had a show that aired just one day a week and that it "would have been amazing.” And even though we’ve heard rumors that Berkus might be the host of NBC’s new show Home Transformers reality-competition show, he and Winfrey joked if he wanted to do a once-a-week show, he’s got a spot on her OWN Network. Either way, the next time that handsome face hits a television screen, we’ll be watching.

Berkus also talked about the importance of making your home reflect your personality. He said the key to designing like this, is taking your time and assembling pieces and keeping only the things that matter. Winfrey said that’s the philosophy she’s going with as she and interior designer Rose Tarlow redecorate her home.

Berkus, who blogs for HuffPost Home, has stressed that price tags, magazines or trends aren’t what matters. Rather, its all about where you found a piece, who you were with or why it spoke to you. And all we can say is “amen” to that.

Click through our slideshow to see some of Nate’s treasures, and watch the clip above to see him talk about his show. Don’t forget to tune in to the second-part of the interview at 11 a.m. ET Sunday, Feb. 17 on OWN.

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  • The Things That Matter

    “The Things That Matter” is my visual manifesto for living with what you love and what tells your story in your home. I look forward to sharing more about the book, and why things matter in our homes in my next post.

  • Pieces From My Travels

    I absolutely love to travel. For me, if I stop traveling, it’s hard to stay in a creative space. Every time I come back from a trip…be it Italy, Mexico or South East Asia…my suitcase is always jammed packed with pieces I had to bring back.

  • Lacquer Tortoise Shell

    There it is - my lacquer tortoise shell inspired by a real one that I grew up with. I think tortoise shells may be the next big thing. Nate Berkus Lacquer Tortoise Wall Accessory ($39.99)

  • Snakeskin And Washed Oak Box

    I love to collect things, and I have a wonderful collection of boxes in all shapes and sizes. Studs, rivets, embellishments…the details are what make something special. Nate Berkus Snakeskin and Washed Oak Box ($24.99)

  • The Things That Matter To Me

    I have a giant one of these in my living room. I was determined to bring it home with me from Mexico. When it arrived the leaves were all is ceramic after all, but I love it that way. It reminds me of being with Fernando and our trip to Mexico, and the story of getting it home.

  • See You Next Time

    Make sure to check back for my next post and keep up with me @Nate_Berkus and #NateAtTarget

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