BART Remodel Proposed, Includes $900 Million Overhaul Of Embarcadero And Montgomery Stations

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In response to growing ridership, BART is considering a proposal to overhaul the Embarcadero and Montgomery stations--a project that would ultimately cost about $900 million.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the revamp would include the addition of new elevators, tunnels and platforms, and existing station walls would be torn out. Overall, the construction is expected to take more than five years, however, the stations would remain open throughout process.

BART officials began considering the plan last month at a directors' retreat in response to climbing BART ridership.

Last year, ridership jumped 6 percent, according to the BART Quarterly Service Performance Review. BART serves an average of 393,000 riders per weekday, and more than one third of those riders enter and exit from the Embarcadero and Montgomery Street stations.

Regulating BART has proven to be no easy task in recent years. From counterfeit tickets to public urination and excrement to protest management, the challenges have been daunting. But the increase in ridership is a constantly growing concern.

However, despite the growing need, some riders question the $900 million price tag.

"I presume what they are doing is needed to relieve pressure," former Oakland City manager Kofi Bonner told the Chronicle. "But the price seems a little high."

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