02/11/2013 09:07 am ET

Oscar-Nominated Guacamole Video (VIDEO)

We love guacamole just as much as the next guy (and maybe even more), which was why we were so thrilled to learn that a short film about guacamole, called Fresh Guacamole, was nominated in the animated short category of this year's Oscars. Once we watched the video we realized that, guacamole aside, this one is a winner in our book.

This beautifully shot stop-motion film uses common toys in place of real guacamole ingredients. (The jalapeno light bulbs were a great touch.) At just 1:45, it's the shortest film ever nominated. Despite its brevity, the film still took 4 months to make and $50,000. In our opinion, the film was well worth the effort of those many months.

What do you think? Watch the video above and let us know in the comments.

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