02/11/2013 01:12 pm ET | Updated May 16, 2013

Ra Ra Riot Remix By RAC: Premiere Of 'Beta Love (RAC Mix)'

If your heart beats fast for Ra Ra Riot, the string-heavy indie band whose album "Beta Love" was released last month, get ready to break out those dance moves. Huffington Post Arts&Culture is pleased to premiere RAC's remix of the band's title track, which may be even more catchier than the original.

"Beta Love" is inspired by cyperpunk novelist William Gibson and futurist Ray Kurzweil; the album propels the band's bittersweet indie tone into the future with unsettling sci-fi lyrics and technologically savvy tunes. André Allen Anjos of RAC, the remix artist collective, does what we never thought possible: made Ra Ra Riot's title song even more danceable. Check it out and let us know if you think RAC enhanced Ra Ra's riotous hit.

Click here to download "Beta Love (RAC Mix)."

Check out the music videos below and get nostalgic for those 1980s dance moves.

Ra Ra Riot