Miami Valentine's Day Dos and Deals (PHOTOS)

02/13/2013 11:01 am 11:01:30

Valentine's Day is Thursday so hey procrastinators, time for some last-minute planning!

Luckily, hot and sweaty 305 has plenty of romantic ways to spend the holiday of coupled love (or at least singlehood longing).

Into romance? Tuck away in a fancy hotel's poolside cabana for a private dinner for two.

Want a thrill? Jump out of a plane while grasping your loved one.

Or need some comforting? Nurture lonely hearts with a chocolate-mask facial.

Check out ways to celebrate on Cupid's busy day below. Because, let's face it, a shout out on the "Power Love Hour" just won't cut it:

Miami Valentines Day Dos and Deals

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