Exhausted all the tired Valentine's Day options? Looking for something new and exciting to do with your significant other (or by yourself) tonight? Look no further than the stock photo archives for inspiration!

Yes, we're joking (sort of). We also know that you may have seen our past compilations of hilarious, and sometimes insane, stock photos but these might be the best yet.
We've caught the love bug, and after looking at these photos there's nothing more we'd rather do than dress up as Cupid and lounge provocatively in a bed of heart-shaped candies. We think you'll agree.

LOOK: 11 Things Women Do On Valentine's Day, According To Stock Photos

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  • Pull back the red curtain and... reveal that it's part of her dress.

  • Valentine's Day may fall in the wintery month of February but stock photo women live windowless lives -- hence the nautical stripes and lack of pants.

  • Ladies Love Ladybugs! And wine glasses taller than they are!

  • Berate their male companions for having terrible hair and a creepy smile.

  • Women don't <em>want</em> bouquets of flowers, silly rabbit! They want to <em>become</em> bouquets of flowers.

  • Drown themselves in Hallmark's leftovers. (Blue eyeshadow required.)

  • <em>Literally</em> deflate your Valentine's Day plans.

  • Stock photo women have a tendency to mix -- and mix up -- holidays. Say hello to <em>Hallowtine's Day </em>.

  • Get nostalgic for their childhoods complete with lollipops -- while wearing not-so-subtle adult eye makeup.

  • Make sure to snag that clearance sale Cupid costume they've been eyeing.

  • <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophelia_(painting)">Pretend to be Ophelia</a> for a day. (Or try to re-enact <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0169547/"><em>American Beauty</em></a>. It's a toss-up.)