Thank you, 'Jeopardy!' Teen Tournament, for introducing us to our new favorite game show contestant: Leonard Cooper.

In what has to be one of the most entertaining Final Jeopardy! moments ever, Leonard goes into the last question having just doubled his money by betting it all on a Daily Double. But just when we thought that was the most brazen thing we'd ever see on a Teen 'Jeopardy!' episode, Leonard handled the final "Military Men" category like a boss.

Since the teen tournament set-up includes lump sum awards for each contestant, Leonard didn't have to bet anything at the end to win the most money. It is worth noting, however, that things could have gone a lot differently. Let Uproxx commenter dax montana explain [sic]:

We NEED to talk about this though. Leonard started final jeopardy with $37,000. He had $3,000 from the Previous evening. Therefor,e wagering nothing, the most he could accumulate was obvi $40k. Nilai entered final jeopardy with $14,400. He ended the rpevious night wiht $19K. IF NILAI HAD WAGERED IT ALL (or even a majority) AND GOTTEN IT RIGHT, HE WOULD HAVE WON AND LEONARD WOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE A HUGE DINGUS! But all’s well that end’s well I guess. Playon Playa.

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