02/14/2013 08:52 am ET | Updated Feb 14, 2013

Latin Lovers: 18 Irresistible 'Casanovas' Who Will Steal Your Heart (VIDEO)

When we think about romance and passion our mind goes to legendary figures like Don Juan de Marco, a Latino casanova who with charm, sweet words and of course good looks, is capable of facing any obstacle in order to win his lady's love.

This type of Latin lovers might not always appear in real life the way we imagine them, with all those muscles, sensitivity, irresistible personality and talent to memorize and dedicate us all those Pablo Neruda poems. However, there's no harm in dreaming and enjoying a little bit of romanticism.

Take a look (or a taco de ojo) at these Latino papacitos, muñecotes, galanazos, hombrotes, guapotes, and ultimetly, casanovas that steal our hearts with their sexy accents, attractive bodies and of course tender personalities.

Latino 'Casanovas'


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