02/14/2013 01:08 pm ET

Michael Bloomberg Birthday: New York City Mayor Turns 71 On Valentine's Day (QUOTES)

It's a big day for Michael Bloomberg. Not only is it Valentine's Day (we wonder where he and Diana will dine this evening), it's his final State of the City speech as the mayor of New York City, and... it's his birthday!

That's right, our fair mayor turns 71-years-old Thursday, making him "the oldest serving mayor since the five boroughs were consolidated in 1898."

As Bloomberg approaches the end of his term as New York City's mayor, we're compiling some of his best (and worst) quotes.

In celebration of his birthday, we're beginning the list, with your help, now. Have a favorite Bloomberg quote you don't see below? Put it in the comments and we'll add!

Mayor Bloomberg Quotes