02/14/2013 12:49 pm ET

Prince Royce Actor? Singer Considers Moving Over To TV And Movies

By Michael Lopez


These days, it’s hard to distinguish between actors and singers. Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake seem to crisscross seamlessly between genres. And now apparently, Prince Royce is hoping to do the same.

In a recent interview, the bachata maestro confessed that he has a soft spot for novelas and may even want to star in one someday.

I’m starting to take acting classes,” he said. “And I’m starting to look into the world of novelas.”

But Royce emphasized that he wasn’t ready to move forward just yet. Music still seems to be his primary focus (at the moment). But if all goes according to plan, you may even see P.R. on the big screen. Later in the interview, he mentioned that he’d like to dabble in action movies.

Originally published on Blogamole as Prince Royce Plots TV & Movie Career

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