Bars... they always have your very best interests at heart. It's not that they want you to drink every night of your life, they just want you to know they aren't judging.

Whether you're heartsick, broke, or just plain bored, bar signs are there to make you feel that having a drink is justified, warranted and even healthy.

Check out these 19 reasons to drink and let us know which is the most convincing.

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  • Blah, Blah, Blah

    This sign says nothing and everything at the same time.

  • A Thought Provoking Question

    Either way you answer, you're coming in.

  • It's Always 5 o'clock Somewhere

    Quite literally.

  • A Healthy Life Mantra

    These two go hand in hand.

  • It's For A Good Cause

    The earthquake may have been 14 years ago, but it's never too late to help.

  • The Best Kind Of Soup

    Sure, I'll take a cup.

  • Be Like The Anchorman

    Order some scotch.

  • Today Is Not Special

    Depressing, but sure.

  • Drink Your College Years Away

    And make your parents proud.

  • It's A Mystery

    Tonight's going to get WEIRD.

  • A Very Logical Sign

    Therefore, my choice to come in and drink is also logical.

  • When Life Gets Boring

    We can think of one thing that always works.

  • Pro Tip

    Look, you're already saving money.

  • Where Happiness Is Sold

    Who's buying?

  • 5 Reasons

    I only need one and it's the cat-like reflexes.

  • Why Not?

    No reason necessary.

  • That's A Good Deal

    Free air guitar isn't easy to come by.

  • Heartbroken?

    This bar is here to help.

  • A No-Brainer

    Until you look a little closer.

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