02/15/2013 09:31 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2015

Brioche Recipes That Make The Most Of This Buttery Bread

Half Baked Harvest

Think of brioche as the 2.0 version of bread. It's loaded with butter and eggs, which instantly makes it so much better than ordinary bread. Brioche makes the most basic of burgers taste like the best in the world. And it makes great desserts, like the chocolate raspberry grilled cheese, totally possible. But it does more than just sandwiches. It makes the most decadent of recipes possible too.

Making delicious things out of brioche can be easy, like adding a bit of chocolate to the batter, but they can also be wonderfully over the top, like using this light and fluffy bread for French toast stuffed with pastry cream. Whatever you decide to make with your brioche, just promise us you won't hold back.

Here are 18 ideas, including one classic brioche recipe, to get you started:

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French Toast Recipes
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