02/15/2013 06:00 pm ET

Celebrities Dancing Awkwardly (VIDEO)

For us, the highlight of Sunday's Grammy Awards was not any of the onstage performances. We were more interested in watching Taylor Swift's moves in the audience as she enthusiastically supported her fellow artists (we also enjoyed the resulting GIFs that followed). Later that evening, onlookers were treated to a similar display from Jessica Biel, when she watched hubby Justin Timberlake take the stage at a post-Grammys concert. A witness told Us Weekly that Biel was seen "leaning against the balcony rail and dancing around like crazy to 'SexyBack,' moving her hands all over the place and bopping her head."

We'll admit it: We just love watching celebrities dance awkwardly. So, we put together a compilation of some of their most memorable moves.

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