02/15/2013 11:29 am ET

Free Flowers For Valentine's Day Elicits A Surprisingly Touching Reaction (PHOTOS)

Two people decided to spend Valentine's Day handing out free bouquets to strangers. The reactions? Priceless.

This week, Jason Lee Weight and friend Natasha Ridley hit London's Liverpool Street Station to hand out leftovers from an event for Cryptofloricon, in which codes are messaged into flowers, he told The Huffington Post.

"This [photo] was the reaction we expected from everyone," Weight wrote on Reddit. "'Free flowers!', basically."

flower giveaway 2

But some thought they were salespeople. Others acted embarrassed.

strangers get flowers london

"Generally," he wrote, "people were surprised but grateful."

strangers get flowers liverpool station

But one woman made the whole thing worthwhile.

strangers get flowers 3

"She said, I'm homeless. I've never gotten flowers in my whole life," he wrote.

strangers get flowers 4

Touched, she thanked them and left "with a spring in her step."

strangers get flowers 5

Mission accomplished.


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