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So, you're a perfectionist. While there are downsides to being "Type A" -- with your high-octane personality, competitive streak and sense of urgency -- there are also many benefits to having this personality type. Your friends may give you a hard time for being tightly-wound or impatient, but you're also known to be driven, goal-oriented and good at taking calculated risks. Scroll through the list below for five benefits of having a Type A personality.

1. You have high standards.

Although Type A personalities generally have to be aware of reeling in their self-critical tendencies, having high standards for yourself and others isn't in itself a bad thing. In fact, expecting the best from yourself (so long as you don't get too down on yourself for making mistakes) can lead to great personal achievement and growth.

2. You're ambitious.

Type A personalities tend to see lots of possibilities and potential for themselves -- and they have the drive to make things happen!

3. A little stress can be a good thing.

Small amounts of stress can help to push you forward and motivate your to try your hardest. It's when stress gets out of control and becomes chronic that it will have the opposite effect, making it harder for you to concentrate and potentially leading to anxiety and insomnia.

4. You're probably super-organized.

Most Type A personalities have a major distaste for clutter. You like to do things your own way, and in the process, have probably developed a good organization system that works for you. Being organized will pay off big time in college, internships, and in your future career.

5. Taking risks can lead to big successes.

Type A's are usually unafraid to take risks and make big moves in order to achieve something that is important to them, which helps them to excel in their chosen fields. Therefore, people with this personality types often do well as entrepreneurs.

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