Little Lil Bub: Home Footage Shows Adorable Meme Cat As A Kitten (VIDEO)

02/16/2013 11:03 pm ET | Updated Feb 19, 2013

Lil Bub may be the world's cutest 'perma-kitten' today, but many years ago, the famous feline was just a kitty.

Mike Bridavsky, the cat's owner, compiled the only footage he has of Lil Bub as a kitten, and posted it to YouTube on Friday.

In the aww-inducing video, Lil Bub frolics about, and playfully bites at her owner's hand. Eventually, she flashes the signature expression that would one day make her an Internet superstar.

Lil Bub, we didn't think we could fall any more in love with you.

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