How many Rubik's cubes does it take to make the world's largest cube-tastic mural, you ask? Well, it's 85,794 cubes, to be exact. The puzzle of choice for ambitious nerds everywhere was turned into an artistic medium par excellence when Rubik's enthusiasts Cube Works used them to recreate the skyline of Macau, China.

Twenty devoted code-crackers joined forces to create the mural in December, which is visible on the Macau waterfront. The massive mural, measuring over 13 feet high and reaching over 200 feet wide, now hold the coveted Guinness World Record for "Largest Rubik’s Cube Mosaic Ever Created." Cube Works also holds the previous two records for Rubik's renditions of the Sistine Chapel (12,000 cubes) and The Last Supper (4,000 cubes).

Check out the awesome time-lapse video here to watch the incredible process in action.

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  • Cube Works broke every existing record for ‘Largest Rubik’s Cube Mosaic Ever Created’ by using 85,794 Rubik’s Cubes to recreate the skyline of Macau, China.

  • CubeWorks has been working hard over the past few months with international teams to conceptualize, design and twist each of the 85,794 Rubik’s Cubes into this monumental work of art.

  • Judges from Guinness World Records judge the Rubik's Cube mural.

  • The finished mural towers over 13 feet high and stretches over 200 feet wide.

  • The mural was unveiled last week on the Macau waterfront.

via Design Trend

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