In this epic battle between a spider and a pug, the simple fact is confirmed; when it comes to icky insects, dogs and humans are more alike than we thought.

Via Tastefully Offensive

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  • Big Dog vs. Desktop

    I'm blocking you from looking at porn.

  • Mouse vs. Laptop

    Put away your computer mouse and play with me.

  • Kitten vs. Computer

    I forbid you from watching any more cat videos.

  • Hedgehog vs. iPhone

    Tails will not stop calling Sonic.

  • Kitten vs. Keyboard

    Cuteness overload.

  • Bunny vs. Mini Computer

    When you're bored at work there's nothing like kicking your feet up and dreaming of doing the bunny hop.

  • Dog vs. Internet Addict

    Man's best friend has been replaced.

  • Beaver vs. Desktop

    Take me to real dam, damnit! (This one is probably stuffed).

  • Turtle vs. The Internet

    This connection is very slow.

  • Cat vs. Laptop


  • Cat vs. Cell Phone

    After this boring conversation, I'm taking a much deserved cat nap.

  • Parrot vs. Keyboard

    Polly wants an Apple, not a Dell.

  • Dog vs. Phone

    I'm hanging up now.

  • Lizard vs. Keyboard

    This typing is tiresome. Do you really need me to tweet that for you?

  • Puppy vs. iPhone

    Please, I'm begging you, stop texting him.

  • Dog vs. Flickr

    My self-obsession is getting exhausting.

  • Kat vs. Keyboard

    Will you pay attention to me now?

  • Monkey vs. Computer

    Monkey see, monkey can’t do.

  • Hamster vs. Laptop

    I'd rather be in my wheel than on this keyboard.