02/20/2013 09:03 am ET

Honey Butter Recipes: 12 Ways To Make Your Own


Ah, butter. It's a creamy, oftentimes rich addition to almost any carbohydrates. But just as the thousands of ice cream flavors in existence don't undermine the pleasures of pure vanilla, mixing up plain ol' butter with sweet or savory additions can make for a nice treat.

We've already spread the love for compound butters, including chive butter and red scallion butter. But sometimes your pancakes or bagel need a touch of sweetness. That's where honey butter recipes come in.

Adding cinnamon or an array of fruits like blackberries or mangos to your honey butter could make your morning meals that much more enjoyable. Check out 12 of the best honey butter recipes we could find:

Honey Butter Recipes


Compound Butter