Hot Chocolate Dessert Recipes: 11 Cookies, Cakes And More

02/20/2013 09:01 am ET
Roxanna's Home Baking

As far as we're concerned, February, not April, is the cruelest month. If not the cruelest, it's the coldest, and there's nothing better to soothe the cold-weather blues than a steamy cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate desserts can help you enjoy the milky, chocolatey flavor of the drink in new, inventive ways.

Hot chocolate desserts can range from cookies to cakes, to the counter-intuitive hot chocolate ice cream. Most include marshmallows. All are delectable.

If you think the words "hot" and "chocolate" belong together, check out these 11 recipes that are sure to warm you up:

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Hot Chocolate Recipes

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