02/20/2013 05:42 pm ET

11 Drastic Sequester Cuts Threatening Average Americans

If you thought congressional gridlock ended with the 2012 election, think again.

The government is scheduled to slash $1.2 trillion in spending starting on March 1, and Congress is at a standoff. As President Barack Obama and Republican leaders each blame the other side for being unable to reach a compromise, the sequestration -- a relic of the 2011 debt ceiling fight -- seems likely to take effect. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said so himself.

The sequestration, if it occurs, would slash funding for a variety of government programs, ranging from early eduction to HIV prevention. It could eliminate 750,000 jobs this year alone, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Check out some of the programs that the sequestration would cut below:

What Sequestration Would Cut