02/20/2013 08:07 am ET | Updated Apr 22, 2013

Some Morning Links: Crooked Narcs In Philly, Cops Get Practice Shooting At Children, More Coffee Please

-- Philadelphia tosses hundreds of drug cases because of six lying narcotics officers. So far, all remain paid police officers, although they're no longer in narcotics.

-- Meanwhile, police unions in the Chicago suburbs have managed to negotiate contracts that allow cops to come to work after having a few beers.

-- Study: Coffee consumption correlates with a drop in mortality.

-- The likely source of the dumb "Friends of Hamas" rumor speaks up.

-- Ohio appeals court upholds resulting search after police see a man turn without a signal, chase him down, then use a battering ram to break into his home.

-- Headline of the day.

-- Of all the areas in which cops today could use more training, I'd put "willingness to shoot pregnant women, children, and the elderly" pretty low on the list.

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