Local news interviews are often the best, but now we have a definitive collection of the best of the best. And we think everybody has time for that.

Watch Funny Local News' extremely thorough, 15-minute compilation of the funniest local interviews of all time above. You'll remember such classics as the "I like turtles" kid and, of course, Antoine Dodson, but there were definitely a few gems in there that we had never seen before.

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  • Crazy Coffee Lady On Robbery

    That is some GOOD coffee!

  • Antoine Dodson On 'The Bed Intruder'

    His 15 minutes of fame for this spirited rant have officially begun.

  • Hilarious Surfer Dude On Flood

    Woah, like. Totally... Dude.

  • Kid Who Likes Turtles On... 'Face Painting'

    This is why you should ALWAYS pre-screen these interviews.

  • Everyone In Mobile, AL On 'The Leprachaun'

    Pretty much EVERYONE interviewed in this segment on a possible "Leprechaun" problem in Mobile, AL is out of their minds.

  • Bubb Rubb And Friends On Whistle Tips

    The whistles go "Woooooot!"

  • O'Hare Airport Guy On UFOs

  • Cool Australian Kid On His 500-Person Party

    Thanks for dressing up!

  • Nonchalant Dog Owner On His Dog's Attack Of A Mailman

    Wait until about 1:10 for the ridiculous interview with the owner of a dog that brutally attacked a mailman. The guy couldn't care less, doesn't stop drinking his ice tea, and even says it was the mailman's fault. "Lawyer" is obviously a foreign concept to him.

  • Local Woman On Her Cold Weather "Secrets"

    She gets right to the point, doesn't she?