Passengers on the Carnival Triumph, the ill-fated cruise liner that was without water or electricity for days, are now suing Carnival for unsanitary conditions on the boat, most notably being forced to defecate in bags.

But the latest plaintiff wasn't actually on the ship. No, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is suing Carnival for using the name "Triumph" without his permission. What will Triumph do now that people associate him with poop?

Check out a clip from "Conan" above to see Triumph and his lawyer Alan Dershowitz explain why he's filing the lawsuit. And tell lots of poop puns.

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  • Once the toilets gave out on the ship, red bags were handed out to passengers who needed to take care of business. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

  • The world's most dedicated pet owner wants you to know that "I miss my cats." (AP Photo/John David Mercer)

  • "Woo Pig Sooie" and "Sweet Home Alabama" share space on one of Triumph's many balconies. While Arkansas, whose Razorbacks get the former, Alabama has its own SEC football team, albeit not in Mobile. (AP Photo/G M Andrews)

  • Never mind that all 4,200 or so passengers and crew survived the ordeal. So did this guy! (AP Photo/John David Mercer)

  • The T.C. Crew also highlights its survival, during an incident in which nobody perished. (AP Photo/John David Mercer)

  • Spelling out H-E-L-P would work better with a synchronized effort... (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

  • Or more people, given the size of the 900-foot Triumph. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

  • Another "Sweet Home Alabama" reference, alongside a very media-aware "Hi KPLC" sign directed at the Lake Charles, Louisiana news network. (AP Photo/John David Mercer)

  • "Thank God it's over," indeed. (AP Photo/Jay Reeves)