02/22/2013 05:50 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2013

Diaper Derby In Danvers, Mass.: Babies Race To The Finish Line (VIDEO)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Forty babies in Danvers, Mass. raced in the Liberty Tree Mall's Second Annual Diaper Derby on Feb. 16, with 11-month-old Quinn Doyle beating her opponents to the finish line, Danvers Patch reports.

During several "heats" staged throughout the day at the mall, these little athletes crawled across gymnastic mats from one family member to another, driven by the spirit of competition and the promise of a beloved pacifier or stuffed animal at the finish line.

If you want your baby in on the action, don't fret -- events like this Diaper Derby happen all across the country, from New York to New Hampshire to Virginia to Illinois.


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