02/22/2013 02:54 pm ET

Brave Fisherman Rescues Dog Stranded On Floating Ice In Siberia (VIDEO)


In an incredible video from 2010 that has recently gone viral, a fisherman is seen plunging into freezing waters near Siberia to save a dog stranded on floating ice.

The black canine was spotted shivering on a piece of ice off Magadan Port in the Okhotsk Sea, the Daily Mail reported Friday. The crew aboard a large ship at the port caught sight of the dog and fortunately decided to rescue it.

The footage shows a brave fisherman swimming to retrieve the dog. Remarkably, the pooch stayed balanced on top of the ice as it was guided back to the boat.

The dog was lifted to safety and started playing with two huskies on the shore.

It is unclear how the dog ended up floating on the piece of ice.


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