02/22/2013 08:25 am ET | Updated Feb 22, 2013

Joan Rivers Bashes 'The View' For Bleeping Her: 'Stupid Broadcast' (VIDEO)

Joan Rivers seemed less than enthused with "The View" after producers bleeped out an entire joke during her Tuesday appearance on the program.

Rivers was making a joke about how the names of the E! network and WeTV have subtitles she has to say, when suddenly an entire sentence was bleeped out. Rivers told HuffPost Live that she had dropped an f-bomb, but didn't understand why her entire sentence was bleeped out, not just the profane word.

"Stupid broadcast," Rivers said. "They should have bleeped the word. What they do is they now have taken away all the joke ... That's why we're starting our own little Internet channel."

Joan said her Internet channel launches in early March and we will certainly be watching.


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