Public restrooms are a necessary evil. No wants to have to use them, but we all feel more comfortable knowing they're there. Plus, there's the occasional amusing sign posted to make the funky smells and general unpleasantness more palatable.

Here are 19 of our favorite informative and hilarious bathroom signs. Without them, we'd never know what to do in there.

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  • Necessary

    Aww man! That's why I went into this bathroom in the first place.

  • No Laughing Matter

    Hold in your laughter, not your farts.

  • Don't Be Gross Guys

    This is a bathroom, not your bedroom.

  • Object Clarification

    In case you were unsure.

  • Wash Your Hands...

    Or else.

  • Words Of Wisdom

    Guiding you through the cleanest bathroom use possible.

  • Good Question

    Would not have thought to do this before reading the sign,

  • Don't Even Think About It

    You will be prosecuted, punished and embarrassed!

  • Thirsty?

    Because that's how you make toilet water potable.

  • A Welcoming Sign

    Thanks for letting us know what we're in for.

  • Don't Do That

  • Passive Agression

    Is all it takes to keep these toilets clean.

  • And We Mean No!

    But that's my favorite part about using public restrooms.

  • Don't Be A Pig

  • Basketball And Bathrooms

    Should both be beautiful.

  • Get It Straight

    Remember you're in a public restroom.

  • You Are Not Alone

    This is exactly the thing you'd like to be reminded of when using the bathroom.

  • The Cutest Poem

    About a disgusting habit.

  • An Inspirational Quote

    In the least inspiring place.

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