02/25/2013 05:03 pm ET

Kate Major, Michael Lohan's Baby Mama Blasted For Racist Latino Remarks

By Michael Lopez


As if the Lohan family didn’t have enough trouble. Now the baby mama of Lindsay’s notorious dad has been accused of a hate crime after shouting out racial slurs at a Latino family.

Juan Jimenez and Rosario Mendoza were allegedly labeled “spics” by Lohan stepmama Kate Major. She also is accused of calling Rosario a “Spanish whore” and attacking her in a fistfight.

Not surprisingly, Jimenez and Mendoza have filed a civil lawsuit and are asking for an undisclosed sum. Not much is known about what triggered the fight, only that it took place in a Florida parking lot.

Kate is already denying the allegations and promised the tabloids that she’ll prove her innocence.

“This was not a hate crime,” she said. “You’ll see when the case is done what really happened.”

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