The "friend zone" is a place in which no one wants to be, whether it means you're holding a purse, assisting with a shopping date or, in the case of the guy above, literally letting someone walk all over you.

But being stuck in the friend zone is a common occurrence in today's society. So common, in fact, that the phrase has recently been added to Oxford English Dictionary as, "a situation in which a platonic relationship exists between two people, one of whom has an undeclared romantic or sexual interest in the other." Unfortuantely for the 19 "best friends" below, that is exactly the situation they are stuck in.

These guys go above and beyond with their friendship duties and we think any girl would be lucky to have them. Check out 19 people who are stuck in the friend zone below and let’s hope they make it out alive.

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  • All Tied Up

    Just like his emotions.

  • No Love In This Club

    He'll hold your purse in hopes that someday he'll hold your hand.

  • Closing The Gap

    But keeping the friend zone wide open.

  • Ouch!

    Not quite the response he was hoping for.

  • This Hurts

    His back, pride, and heart.

  • Now That's Dedication...

    or desperation.

  • Message Received

    Nothing says, "I have zero romantic feelings for you" quite like a snow globe.

  • A Step Up For Her

    But a major downgrade for him.

  • The Sweetest Candy

    But the message is bitter.

  • Celebration Gone Wrong

    He thought there were fireworks between them, but it was only nail polish.

  • The Saddest Love Song

    Is the one he sings in his heart.

  • Valentine's Date

    That is exactly what friendship is about.

  • You Lift Me Up

    And I lower your self-worth.

  • Devastating Dessert

    The brownies were burned, just like his attempts at love.

  • Permanent

    Just like his spot in the friend zone.

  • Manis And Pedis!

    The ultimate friend zone activity.

  • Beautifying Buddies

    His skin may be smoother, but his journey in the friend zone is rockier than ever.

  • Ice Cream, TV, And Pickles

    A recipe for the friend zone.

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