Adele may be taking a page out of Beyonce's book.

After she won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 85th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Adele mentioned her interest in shooting a behind-the-scenes documentary, telling Billboard, "Maybe I'll do an HBO special like Beyonce did."

HBO recently aired "Life Is But A Dream," a documentary that gave viewers a glimpse into the life of Beyonce, with behind-the-scenes concert and rehearsal footage, and a look at Bey's family life with husband Jay-Z and baby Blue Ivy.

Now, The UK's "Mirror" is reporting that TV networks are in a bidding war to get the opportunity to air a peek at Adele's life. "As soon as Adele said she could be interested in a show, TV producers were compiling suggestions," an unnamed source told the UK publication. "This will be a major coup for anyone to get. Adele hasn’t done any major interviews for a long time."

Adele is famously private with her personal life -- months after the birth of her son with boyfriend Simon Konecki, the singer has yet to confirm the baby's name.

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