Kinetic Clock: Humans Since 1982 Creates 'A Million Times' Project For Design Days Dubai (VIDEO)

02/28/2013 09:00 am ET | Updated Feb 28, 2013

The Stockholm-based studio Humans Since 1982 recently created "A Million Times," a kinetic work where 576 electrical engines move 576 hands on 288 clocks.

Designed for art dealer Victor Hunt, the work uses a customized software that can be controlled with an iPad. Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff, the founders of Humans Since 1982, write on their website that the company is "interested in interest itself." Their kinetic clock presents a dream-like version of time; as we watch the hands move, we easily get lost in its progression.

"A Million Times" will be on display at Design Days Dubai from March 18 - 21, 2013.

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