02/28/2013 04:40 pm ET

Leandro Sage Allegedly Bites Off Finger Of Girlfriend's Brother, Gets Hit By Car

An Albuquerque man hit by a car was actually running from his girlfriend and her brother after he bit the brother's finger off, police say.

Leandro Sage, 23, allegedly hit his girlfriend late Wednesday night, the Associated Press reported. Police say the woman's brother, 25-year-old Robert Martinez, sprang to defend her, and as he and Sage fought, Leandro bit off the end of Martinez's left pinkie finger.

Sage then ran from the apartment and was struck by a car. He received treatment at a hospital, and was then arrested.

Biting off fingers isn't even that original.

Last October, New Jersey man Jaggert Washington allegedly stripped naked, defecated in a police car, then chewed off and swallowed one of his fingers.

And in April, a bar patron in Glens Falls, N.Y. was accused of biting off the pinkie finger of the bartender after getting booted from the establishment.


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