This statistic probably won't improve Washington's reputation, or make you more excited about online dating.

The dating site -- billed as an "online dating auction," the site allows "generous" members to bid on dates with "attractive" members; yes, this has been likened to prostitution -- surveyed men and women around the country to find out who's lying the most in their online profiles.

Turns out D.C. is not only the nation's infidelity capital -- it's also the center of online dishonesty.

The website amNewYork reports that, according to the survey, 37 percent of men in D.C. are lying on their profiles, mostly about career and education.

Check out the rest of the survey results for men in this slideshow -- the results for women are below that (spoiler: D.C.'s women fare slightly, but only slightly, better than the city's men):

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  • #1: Washington D.C.

    37 percent of men in D.C. lie in their online profiles, mostly about career and education.

  • #2: San Francisco

    35 percent of San Francisco's men are lying, mostly about career and money.

  • #3: New York

    34 percent of New York's men are lying, according to the survey, mostly about everything.

  • #4: Philadelphia

    33 percent of Philadelphia men lie, primarily about height and money earned.

  • #5: Miami

    31 percent of Miami's men are lying, mostly about relationship status and height.

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  • #1: Las Vegas

    39 percent of Vegas women lie, mostly about age and career.

  • #2: Washington, D.C.

    37 percent of D.C.'s women lie online, mostly about career and education.

  • #3: Atlanta

    36 percent of Atlanta's women lie, mostly about age and weight.

  • #4: Los Angeles

    35 percent of Los Angeles women are lying, most often about age and weight.

  • #5: New York

    33 percent of New York's women are liars. Their most lyingest subjects are age and career.

Do these results have you buying a one-way ticket out of town? Here are the cities that finds have the most honest online daters:

1. Houston
2. Phoenix
3. Boston
4. Pittsburgh
5. Chicago

1. Charlotte
2. Houston
3. Minneapolis
4. Seattle
5. Phoenix

Want to spot liars? This helpful Wired magazine article describes the tell-tale words and other clues researchers have discovered that online daters use when they aren't being totally on the up and up. A big one: not using the word "I" enough.