Jimmy Fallon knows that these days, just about anything can get you fired. For his latest "Late Night" hashtag game, Falllon asked his Twitter followers to share their funniest #HowIGotFired stories with the world.

Watch him read the best ones in the clip above and share your own "road to unemployment" story in the comments.

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  • #AwkwardDate

    Don't tweet while on a date!

  • #ItsSoHot

    Staying inside and tweeting helps you keep cool during a heat wave.

  • #ThatsMyRoommate

    This is why many of us choose to live alone.

  • #BestPrankEver

    Dads will believe anything (wait for the USB joke).

  • #YeahIDidThat

    Michael Jortman seems like an innocent enough mistake.

  • #PartyFail

    Fallon really loves the "bonemeister" joke.

  • #MyDumbInjury

    Jimmy's is the best.

  • #OopsMyBad

    Grandma planking is the best.

  • #DadQuotes

    You can't unhear these.

  • #MyWorstValentine

    It's good to laugh at failed romance. It's a sign of healing.

  • #WorstPickupLines

    The best/worst ways to get a date.

  • #ImAnIdiot

    Arsenio Hall would have the best concerts.

  • #MyPetIsWeird

    We are suckers for cat pictures.

  • #MyCrazyTeacher

    You never forget your elementary school teacher.

  • #HoHoHellNo

    Santa, with attitude.