Jon Stewart On Bob Woodward's White House Email Controversy: 'Another Ginned Up Distraction' (VIDEO)

03/01/2013 09:42 am ET | Updated Mar 01, 2013

Jon Stewart finished out this week of "The Daily Show" with a segment on Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward's recent email exchange with the White House over an op-ed that turned out to be a lot less newsworthy than we thought.

After Woodward's thoughts on the Obama administration's handling of the sequester prompted an email warning of "regret" from top White House economic adviser Gene Sperling (or as Stewart said, "Mean Gene, as no one has ever called him") it wasn't long until the email was released, showing how truly non-threatening the exchange actually was.

"That doesn't sound like a threat to me, and I'm a coward," Stewart joked, later referring to the non-scandal as, "Another ginned up distraction" at the top of the next segment.

Watch the clip above.

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