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5 Alternative Heads-Up Displays That Aren't Google Glass

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Google's Project Glass recently got a new blast of publicity for its augmented reality specs with the video "How It Feels," which purportedly shows what it's like to be wearing Google Glass. The project also held an #ifIHadGlass competition, in which applicants were invited to submit what they would do if they were given Google Glass. The competition's winners, yet to be announced, are eligible to receive some of the first copies of Glass, provided they're willing to cough up $1500.

But projecting information on a transparent medium and putting it at eye level isn't new technology; it's been around for a while, and it's called a heads-up display. And given that it's been around for a while, it's no surprise that Google isn't the only company making waves with heads-up technology. Other companies have projects ranging from Glass imitators, to spy gadgets for police, to specialized contact lenses. Check out this gallery for some of the coolest non-Google innovations in the world of heads-up.

5 Alternatives To Google Glass
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