Colorado has seven billionaires on Forbes Magazine's annual Billionaire list this year.

The state's richest man according to the magazine is Charles Ergen, chairman of Dish Network Corp. with a net worth of $10.6 billion. Colorado's third richest man reportedly owns a sprawling 427-acre castle and estate in Ireland, while another local billionaire made his fortune in cheese.

See which Coloradans made the Forbes list!

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  • Charles Ergen

    Listed as the richest Coloradan in Forbes magazine's annual billionaire issue, Charles Ergen is also No. 100 on the Forbes list. Ergen is the founder and chairman of Dish Network Corp. He's 60 years old. Net worth: $10.6 billion

  • Philip Anschutz

    Philip Anschutz is ranked No. 109 on the Forbes Billionaires list. Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) was put up for sale in 2012, though he's also made fortunes in oil, railroads and telecom. Net worth: $10 billion

  • John Malone

    John Malone is ranked No. 198 on the Forbes Billionaire list. His Liberty Global bough British cable company Virgin Media and in January Malone took control of Sirius XM Radio. <a href="">Malone also recently bought himself the Humewood Castle and Estate</a> in Ireland. Net worth: $6 billion

  • James Leprino

    James Leprino is the chairman of Leprino Foods, the world's largest mozzarella cheese producer. He is ranked No. 458 in the Forbes Billionaires list. Shown is Leprino Foods, headquartered in Denver, Colo. Net worth: $3 billion

  • Gary Magness

    Gary Magness inherited a cable fortune when his father passed away in 1996. His father's cable giant TCI merged with ATT&T, and Gary Magness, along with his wife Sarah Siegel-Magness, founded Smokewood Entertainment. They produced the film "Precious." Net worth: $1.6 billion

  • Pat Stryker

    Pat Stryker and her siblings are heirs to Stryker Corp., founded by their grandfather. The company produces medical devices and software. According to Forbes, last year <a href="">Stryker Corp. sold $8.7 billion worth of equipment</a> just last year. She is ranked No. 931 on the Forbes Billionaire list, and at age 56, she is also the youngest Coloradan on the list. Net worth: $1.6 billion <em>Image <a href="">via Facebook</a>. </em>

  • Thomas Bailey

    <a href="">Thomas Bailey founded mutual fund giant Janus</a> in Denver before he resigned as CEO and sold his stakes in the company. He now breeds horses on Iron Rose Ranch in Carbondale, Colo. He is ranked No. 1342 on the Forbes Billionaire list. Net worth: $1 billion <em>Image <a href="">via Facebook.</a></em>