Liu Bolin TED Talk: Time Lapse Video Capture 'Invisible Man' Camouflaging Into Set (VIDEO)

03/05/2013 10:19 am ET

We were hoping that Liu Bolin, the art world's famous chameleon, would tackle his upcoming TED talk by doing what he does best: disappearing. Although the February 26 talk isn't available online yet, a time lapse video recently surfaced showing Bolin masterfully camouflaged on the TED stage.

This glimpse of the disappearing artist's long-awaited TED appearance makes us wish Arrested Development's Milford School (where children should be neither seen nor heard) was real, for Bolin surely would have been the valedictorian. Click here for more coverage on Bolin's art.

Liu Bolin, Chinese Artist and 'Invisible Man'

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Liu Bolin