Shaq To Charlie Rose: 'You're A Sexy Dude, Brother' (VIDEO)

03/05/2013 11:23 am ET | Updated Mar 05, 2013

Famed basketball star Shaquille O'Neal appeared on "CBS This morning" on Tuesday and interrupted Charlie Rose's interview to shower the host with compliments.

"Can we talk about free throws?" Rose asked.

"Can we talk about how beautiful you are?" O'Neal responded. Rose and co-host Norah O'Donnell erupted into laughter. "You're a sexy dude, brother—man!"

O'Donnell mentioned that Rose is also a skilled basketball player. "Oh he is," O'Neal said. "Look at him." He then said (and by said we mean sang) that he was going to change Rose's name to "CBS sex symbol man."

"Do you have a man crush on me?" Rose said through his laughs.

"I do," O'Neal pressed. "Man, you're hot."

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