Snowquester Photos D.C.: Send Us Your Snow Shots!

03/06/2013 10:26 am 10:26:56 | Updated Mar 06, 2013
Devin Murphy Smithsonians National Zoo

WASHINGTON -- It's here! The snow is here! Photos prove it!

When the National Zoo announced they were going to be closed on March 6, they tweeted out an adorable photo of a happy panda. What's your happy panda?

Send us your 'Snowquestration' (remember, we didn't coin the term) photos! We'll run them so future generations know that it once snowed in Washington D.C. and environs -- we'd love to hear from Marylanders and Virginians, as well as those in the District.

Tweet photos to @HuffPostDC, post them on our Facebook page or email us at Brandon.Wetherbee@huffingtonpost.com. We want to see what you did on your snow day!

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