03/06/2013 02:57 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Zack Kopplin, 19-Year-Old Rice University Student, Wins Moyers' Troublemaker Award For Anti-Creationism Crusade

Some troublemakers deserve our praise, or so the thinking at the television show "Moyers & Company" goes. Earlier this month, the program named Zack Kopplin, a 19-year-old history major at Rice University, its first-ever "Troublemaker of the Year", which recognizes students who speak their minds on major issues.

Since his senior year in high school, Kopplin has fought the "creep of creationist curricula" (as "Moyers & Company" put it) in public school science classrooms.

How does he do it? By any and all means necessary. He debates creationists, curries influencers' support by signing Nobel laureates to his cause, rallies the general public's support through petitions, and calls politicians out who seek cheap political points by denying climate change, rejecting evolution and appealing to a evangelical base. Pretty badass for a 19-year-old, right? Host Bill Moyers certainly thinks so. Check out the video above to see why.



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