03/07/2013 12:28 pm ET

'Breaking Bad' As A '90s Sitcom (VIDEO)

"Breaking Bad" is one of the darkest shows to ever appear on TV. But what if it was re-imagined as a upbeat family sitcom set in the mid-90s? This "Breaking Bad" opening credits sequence set to Foreigner's "Little White Lie" explores that alternate TV reality, and the result is hilarious.

As the lyrically-appropriate song plays over shots of Walter White getting a pizza off the roof of his garage, Skyler and Walt cuddling on the couch, Hank hamming it up and Jesse and Walt getting into all sorts of adventures, you might not realize "Breaking Bad" is actually "a roller coaster ride to hell."

The final half-season of "Breaking Bad" premieres in June on AMC.

"Breaking Bad," Season 5