Lakers' Trick Play Fools Hornets, Leads To Kobe Bryant Dunk (VIDEO)

03/07/2013 05:29 pm ET

No NBA team is going to look particularly good while being outscored 20-0 over the final 6:22 of a game, but the Lakers made the Hornets look especially foolish on Wednesday night.

With 25 seconds remaining in the game, the Lakers had already rallied to hold a 104-102 lead. Lakers point guard Steve Blake was inbounding the ball on the side of the court that his team was defending in the second half. His teammates crowded near the free throw line directly in front of him. Apparently confused by the Lakers' formation, the Hornets set up as if to defend the basket nearest the play.

Kobe Bryant broke away from the pack as Blake threw him the ball and coasted for an easy dunk at the other end of the floor. Bryant's dunk was the 18th unanswered point for the Lakers, who had been trailing by as many as 25 points in the second half. Bryant would add two more free throws for the final 108-102 score.


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