03/07/2013 09:07 am ET

Popover Recipes: Yorkshire Pudding, Dutch Baby, Hootenanny Pancake and More (PHOTOS)

Joy The Baker

To us, eating our first popover was like a physics lesson -- a delicious physics lesson that we actually liked. The crunchy, buttery exterior, the tender dough inside and, most amazingly, the hollow center, ready to be filled with jam, butter or whatever else we could imagine.

A popover recipe can have a lot of other names: the UK's beloved Yorkshire Puddings accompany every good Sunday roast, the Dutch Baby is one of our most favorite breakfast items and did you know that popovers are sometimes called Hootenanny Pancakes? We like any excuse to use the word hootenanny, so we're on board with that one. These delightful dough puffs meander seamlessly from savory to sweet and back again, which is why we think it's appropriate to eat them with any darned meal you want to.

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Popover Recipes