Armory Art Trends: 10 Themes Spotted At The 2013 New York Art Fair (PHOTOS)

03/08/2013 01:15 pm ET

Armory Week is officially in motion, and when not being distracted by fabulous outfits or outrageous parties performance pieces, we've been seriously digging this year's artistic output. Even New York's Jerry Saltz called it "not horrible." That's saying a lot.

While the mammoth fair presents a seemingly endless range of works for your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up 10 themes which bring some method to the madness. From Brillo boxes to gold-dipped objets d'art, these trends were hard to miss.

Behold, the 10 art trends dominating Armory Week 2013. Share the trends you noticed at the fairs in the comments section.

Armory Trends

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