03/10/2013 10:27 am ET | Updated Apr 23, 2014

Andy Samberg, 'Wild And Crazy Guys' Join Justin Timberlake On 'SNL' (VIDEO)

The surprise cameos in last night's Justin Timberlake-helmed "SNL" didn't stop with the Five-Timers Club. In the first post-monologue sketch of the night, the question of whether Andy Samberg would return to appear alongside JT was answered with a resounding "YES."

But instead of an "SNL Digital Short", the pair were contestants on "It's A Date" (think "The Dating Game" but with fewer rules) competing against none other than the Wild & Crazy Guys, Dan Aykroyd & Steve Martin.

Also, competing for the affection of Vanessa Bayer's single lady was Bobby Moynihan as contestant number one, who, in perfect straight-man fashion, quickly realized he was going to lose.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you thought of all the old school cameos in this episode.


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