Thanksgiving Leftover Picture Goes Viral After Man Shames 'Deadbeat Sister-In-Law' On Reddit: (PHOTO)

03/11/2013 12:08 pm 12:08:13 | Updated Mar 12, 2013

Not sure she'll be taking home a doggy bag this year.

A man took to Reddit to humiliate his sister-in-law after he said she returned his family's casserole dish with sweet potato leftovers (and the mold they generated) inside.

"She's young and irresponsible," the man, who goes by "jugglinglivebabies" "This is actually a great representation of her expecting other people to clean up her messes."

While the dish reeked, it was not difficult to clean, according to "jugglinglivebabies."

"it wasn't so bad," he wrote. "i just got a big knife and chopped it into smaller chunks and sent it down with some hot-a-- water. Four kids and five years of bar tending, it takes a lot to gross me out anymore."

But something about this particular photo has struck the Internet's fancy, causing it to go viral, according to MSN.

No word yet on whether "jugglinglivebabies'" technique will change his sister-in-law's behavior.

THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS PHOTO thanksgiving leftover picture

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