03/12/2013 11:32 am ET

Conan Reacts To Elisabeth Hasselbeck NOT Leaving 'The View' (VIDEO)

Conan O'Brien has made it somewhat clear that he doesn't think a lot of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. During the presidential election, he almost burst a blood vessel over the conservative "View" host questioning Barack Obama:

"Who the hell's Elisabeth Hasselbeck... She won a reality show... she didn't even win! She was, like, fifth!"

He then went on to propose an anti-Elisabeth Hasselbeck amendment to the constitution.

Now, after rumors circulated that Hasselbeck was leaving "The View" only to have them immediately dispelled by Barbara Walters, O'Brien has taken another swipe at the Survivor loser in the clip above.

This may not be how the audience actually reacted to news that Hasselbeck would be staying on, but it's how we all imagined it.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Style Evolution
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